Agrifeed: between brokers and producers

Agrifeed fertilizer brokers and feeds

Agrifeed: between brokers and producers

Agrifeed is born with a precise mission: to become a company known all over the world in the field of quality feed supplies and highly interesting agricultural fertilizers. Agrifeed offers a direct experience that comes from a long-standing presence in the breeding and agricultural sectors, combined with the freshness of young, determined and well-trained staff.

Which is the difference between broker and producer?

  • A producer is one who works directly on the raw material.
  • A broker is the one who knows the market, knows the manufacturer so well to apply to get the best product, in the best time and at the best price for the final customer.

Agrifeed is a high-level broker, able to read the market and to study together with the customer the best solution, both for fertilizers and for feeds. Furthermore, Agrifeed has the competence of the producer in the ability to choose the raw material. Commercial attitude and specialist advice in a single partner.

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