We studied a complementary feed with the same characteristics as fish meal, but of vegetable origin.

This product guarantees a protein content ranging from 64% up to a maximum of 66% with good digestibility and a high fat content, for this reason it can be seen as a promising and convenient substitute for rich protein sources such as fishmeal, meat bone meal, potato protein, and soybean meal complement, rape seed flour, sunflower flour, and this without anti-nutritional factors.
It also contains yeast extract from Saccharomyces cerevisiae to increase the total digestibility of the finished feed.

It does not contain toxic components such as cadaverine, putrescine present in fish meal; neither PCBs, dioxins, biogenic amines, allergens, nor pesticides and heavy metal contaminants found in soybean meal.

  • Features similar to those of Fish Meal
  • More advantageous in terms of price-nutrition
  • Absence of anti-nutritional substances
  • Completely of vegetable origin
  • NO GMO
Analytical Values

Moisture 3,60%
Raw protein 66,00%
Raw fat 8,50%
Raw fiber max 1,00%
Raw Ashes 4,30%

Fatty acid (%):

Linolenic Acid (ω-3): 4,89%
Linoleic Acid (ω-6): 1,46%
Oleic Acid: 1,87%;
Palmitic Acid: 0,38%;
Stearic Acid: 0,46%;
Arachidonic Acid: 0.019%.

Average aminoacidic profile in %

Arginine 2,52%
Threonine 7,21%
Tryptophan 0,56%
Isoleucine 2,50%
Valine 3,01%
Leucine 3,85%
Lysine 3,90%
Methionine 1,23%
Glutamic acid 10,40%

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