Nitrogen – N

Nitrogen – N

Nitrogen is a plastic macroelement which presides over formation of vegetal tissues and their increase; it determines the extension of trunks and sprouts, enhance absorption of nutritive elements. The atmosphere is a principle reserve of nitrogen. The vast part of living organisms cannot use atmospheric nitrogen therefore these organisms depend on nitrogen contained in its minerals.

A part of nitrogen is present in a field in organic substances in forms partially or slowly available for cultivation. These types of nitrogen in organic form render available for cultivation right after being “mineralized” from field’s microflora, first in ammoniacal form and in nitric form, that is in unique forms of mineral nitrogen which are absorbed by plants’ roots. Absence of nitrogen in soil is usually a principal factor limiting the growth of plants.

Nitrogen products:

Ammonium sulphate

Contains 20-21% of ammoniacal nitrogen and 23-24% of Sulphur (S) equal 60-61% as SO3. For a long time, it was the most used fertilizer to fecundate the ground. In fact, the ammoniacal cation determines the potential of absorbent of soil. Due to its acidifying action, it is recommended for calcareous and alkaline types of terrain.

Ammonium sulphate Steel Grade N 20-21% crystalline

Fertilizer use, raw material for organic mineral fertilizers.

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Ammonium sulphate Caprolactam N 21% crystalline

Fertilizer use, raw material for organic mineral fertilizers
Technical/industrial use

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Ammonium sulphate White Grade N 21% crystalline

Fertilizer use, suitable for fertigation and for liquid fertilizers; specials
Technical/ industrial use

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Ammonium nitrate

This fertilizer contains equally nitrate and ammonia nitrogen. It unites positive effects of calcium nitrate and ammonium sulphate; it can be used in every stadium of cultivation growth.

Ammonium nitrate 27 prilled
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Ammonium nitrate 27 granular
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Ammonium nitrate 34 prilled

Fertilizer completely soluble is adapted to fertigation.
It is perfect to be used for provide nitrogen to plants in crisis caused by winter ground frosts, transplant, pest bruises.

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A fertilizer with a nitrogenous major title, 46% of ureic nitrogen and lower cost per a single fertilizer.

Urea 46 Granular

Type of urea characterized by bigger granulometry, optimum especially to be distributed on the ground with agricultural machinery.

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Urea 46 Prilled

Type of Urea of low and consistent granulometry, used directly as fertilizer or for industrial use as raw material intended to production of other final products.

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