Organic-Mineral fertilizers – NPK

We assign production of complex fertilizers NPK and organic-mineral fertilizers to qualified subcontractors.

We are also available and open to order custom orders according to what the customer requires.

Complex NPK

Complex NPK

Granular fertilizers, containing in each granule all three main macroelements useful for the plant: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Complex 5-10-18
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Complex 5-10-25
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Fertilizers organo-mineral

All these products which are obtained by reaction or by the mixture of one or more organic fertilizers with one or more simple or compound mineral fertilizers are into the category of mineral organ fertilizers.
Therefore, we talk about products that are in a middle between organic fertilizers, with respect to which however they are richer in nutrients, and the mineral ones regarding to which they are more effective and efficient.

The large amount of mineral components and humified organic matrices make this type of fertilizer a complete form of complete nourishment.
One of main advantages is containment of large quantity of organic humic substances; it makes sure that substances contained in soil are used for the best effect and that effect of chemical fertilization is obtained.

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